Types of Memberships

Junior/Youth  – Over 14 and under the age of 25 in full time ‘Education’ are eligible to pay the Youth fee.

Senior  – Includes Bronze and Senior First Aid training at no extra cost.

Family  – A must for any child under 13 (Senior and junior Membership for the whole family group).

Associate  – suited for those who wish to support the club, but who do not undertake Patrol duties.

Membership Payments are due by 30 November of each year.

Membership enquiries:

Registrar: Bec Heath

Email Bec

Youth Membership

  • Benefits List coming soon…

Senior Membership

  • Benefits List coming soon…

Family Membership

  • Benefits List coming soon…

Associate Membership

Our new Associate Membership give you great benefits.

Associate Membership

$50/per year
  • Receive Member’s Price at our Club Bar
  • More benefits listed soon

Life Membership

  • Life Members may be elected from Members and /or who have rendered outstanding and /or extraordinary service to the Club over a minimum of nine (9) years from the age of fifteen (15) years or have gained a meritorious award from the Association; 
  • Life membership is a recognition of member’s services to the Club, designed to reward all membership classifications from full patrolling and competing, through to administrative and support members; 
  • Nominations for Life Membership shall be submitted to the Secretary and should be no later than 31st January each year who shall inform the Club Directors. The Club Directors shall appoint a Life Membership Panel (which will consist of a minimum of 3 Club Members) which should annually by the conclusion of April review all memberships to determine if any members warrants or meets the requirements of for Life Membership; 
  • The list shall be presented to the Life Members who shall give due consideration to the list in order to assist the Life Members Panel in its deliberation. The Life Members may, if they so desire, submit names not included on the list, if in their opinion , the Member(s) they nominate are worthy of consideration; 
  • Life Membership shall be automatic for any Member who, regardless of years of service, has become incapacitated or killed during the course of SLSA duty; 
  • The Club Directors shall ratify the membership nominations (subject to Clause 8.10 of the Constitution) on the recommendation of the Life Members Panel and shall submit the same for election to the Annual General Meeting. 
  • Voting at the Annual General Meeting must be by secret ballot and for election a nominee must secure a simple majority of those voting. 
  • A person must accept or reject the Association’s resolution to confer life membership in writing. Upon writing acceptance, the person’s details shall be entered upon the register, and from time of entry on the Register the person shall be a Life Member. 

Life Members will be afforded the following privileges: 

  • exemption from payment of annual Membership Subscriptions; 
  • their name shall be inscribed in an appropriate manner on the honour Board; and 
  • shall enjoy all the benefits and privileges normally available to financial members of the Association. 

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