Club Recognition Awards acknowledge members who have demonstrated exceptional qualities whilst a member of Normanville Surf Lifesaving Club. These awards are detailed on the following pages. 

All awards have a set of criteria that is essential for determining the awardee. In most instances, an award will have both essential and selection criteria. 

Essential Criteria: These are the base requirements to be considered for an award. The 

nominee/awardee must satisfy all essential criteria in order to be considered. 

Selection Criteria: These are the additional requirements for a given award. If a group of nominees exist, the nominees shall be ranked against each other against the selection criteria. 

In addition to the essential criteria and selection criteria which are award specific, every awardee must meet the following mandatory requirements which uphold the value, significance and tradition of the awards. 

The nominee shall: 

  • be a current financial member of Normanville SLSC for two years 
  • volunteers their time and does not receive payment for services. 
  • have exhibited professional, ethical and conduct aligning with that of a positive role model during their membership of the Club. 
  • have a commitment to the development of the Club in future seasons. 



Member of the Year Award 

This award is considered the premier club award and given in honour to a club member in recognition of their exceptional voluntary efforts and contributions throughout the year. 

Full Criteria available in PDF below.


Presidents’ Trophy 

This award acknowledges the outstanding voluntary service and contributions in any areas of the club other than the beach. 

The President chooses the member they believe meets the criteria. 

Full Criteria available in PDF below.


Life Membership 

  • Life Members may be elected from Members and /or who have rendered outstanding and /or extraordinary service to the Club over a minimum of nine (9) years from the age of fifteen (15) years or have gained a meritorious award from the Association; 
  • Life membership is a recognition of member’s services to the Club, designed to reward all membership classifications from full patrolling and competing, through to administrative and support members; 

Full Criteria available in PDF below.

Patrol Person of the Year 

It is a tradition in Surf Lifesaving clubs to honour the most outstanding patrol person of the year. This award is for the person who has carried out their patrols diligently and effectively and shown a high regard to commitment and the ideals of vigilance and service to the club and community at large. 

Club Captains Trophy 

The Club Captains Trophy is awarded to the person considered by the Club Captain to have been of outstanding support or assistance in all areas of surf lifesaving activities. 

Patrol Hours Awards 

Yearly Awards for hours on the Normanville SLSC beach: 

  • 50 hours – cap with name and hours
  • 100 hours – SLS clothing with name 
  • 200 hours – Award 
  • 500 hours- Award 
  • 1000 hours – Award 
  • 2000 hours – Award 
  • 3000 hours – Award 

Geoff Moffat Memorial Club Champion Patrol Team 

Awarded to the Patrol Team that accrued the largest number of points over the season. 

The SLSSA Agreement for 3 people to be on patrol. 

Voluntary Patrols are not counted in this award as these hours are counted in the individual’s hours. 


Club Swim Awards 

  • Senior Medals awarded to male and female member with the most swims in age group (minimum swim 5 to qualify). 
  • Club Swim Trophy for most swims. 
  • Nippers with more than 5 swims all receive a medal. 
  • Nipper with most swims receives a Trophy. 


Australia Day Swim Awards 

This is an open event with swimmers from other clubs who are welcome to participate. Non-members are required to sign a waiver before they are able to compete in the swim. 

  • Participation Certificates emailed to swimmers who wish to receive one.
  • Winner of 4K receives a Trophy.
  • Oldest 4K Competitor receives a Trophy 
  • Youngest competitor over the furthest distance swim receives a Trophy.


Normanville Surf Lifesaving Club Awards 2021 – download the full criteria here